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eaux posse rotterdam, food, restaurant

Guacamole with a tomato salsa, cream cheese, and mushroom gravy.
Delicate with a slight acidic tanginess, pairs well with a glass of Pineau d’Aunis gris wine.
So once again, take a look at our menu and choose the dishes you’d like to enjoy before and after this one.

Knowledge is the key to it all, so go ahead and explore the exquisite wines to accompany your dinner or let us enhance it by surprising you with a suitable wine selection.

Start laying the foundations for what you’ll fondly recall as bygone times in the future. We’ll create nostalgia for tomorrow and a longing for today. Stretch the moment with a glass of Ratafia or Rooster&wolf and continue to savor the experience.

untill soon EAUX POSSE

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EAUX POSSE – view d’Eaux

view d'eaux posse, restaurant rotterdam

Eaux Posse is sinds kort ook op de donderdagen geopend vanaf 17:30h.
De zon breekt door, tijd voor een view d’Eaux.
Je begint op het terras en wanneer het te fris wordt, lekker naar binnen.
Starten met lekkere oesters en een Crémant de Bourgogne, genieten van het uitzicht need we say more? Onze kaart veranderd, meandert. De classics blijven maar worden wel steeds aangepast.
Neem de watertaxi naar halte Delfshaven “halte EAUX POSSE” 😉 en wandel na het diner langs het water naar huis.

Reserveren verplicht want het terras heeft buiten evenveel stoelen als binnen.

eaux posse, restaurant, oesters, oysters
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Ode to the Tomato

eaux posse food, ode to the tomato, rotterdam fine dinging restaurant srping 2023

Spring is coming so what is a better way for EAUX POSSE to celebrate this then bringing an ode to the tomato.
Chef Jurren brings us a refined yet bold dish inspired to get rid off the winter vibes.
A variation of tomatoes with a dash of bloody mary and the sweetness of the basil oil.
It brings you right in the mood for spring in Rotterdam. An other way to bring an ode to the tomato is to enjoy it in good company of a nice glass of Vimbio ACL Albariño a wine made in the tradition of natural wines, the Vin Natures, or one of our other wines on the wine menu.

tomato eaux posse ode to the tomato, spring in rotterdam