Chef Jurren

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Chef Jurren is a passionate chef known for his unique cooking style and creative approach to plant-based cuisine.
He creates flavors that are rich and pure, making his dishes not only delicious but also satisfying. With a focus on healthy, sustainable cuisine, Chef Jurren creates menus that consist of 70-80% plant-based ingredients. His cooking style is both inspiring and surprising, and he is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to delight his guests.

Chef Jurren is a true master of his craft, classically trained and with this foundation, he continues to develop the cuisine at EAUX POSSE, constantly searching for new dishes and flavors.

Rotterdams Finest


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Rotterdam finest 🍽️ @eauxposse ​​​​​​​​
Paul Posse basically is a bit shy of people. What better place to be at then a restaurant.
At first he run an emporium at the Fenix, a coffee, lunch and dinner location where it was possible to buy fixed gear bikes, collector photography books as well as other vintage interior items.
Now he is at EAUX POSSE. Located at a spot where a regular person would not go that easily but once you have been there you only wish to be back there again. A raw spot at Schiemond on the Maas.
Together with Jurren Terlouw he makes really special dishes inspired by his favorite regions in Northern Spain such as Galicia. Eggplant with romesco and crumble, lobster with brioche or the cheeses from the Belgian cheese “Affineurs” van Tricht.
Paul truelly gave his restaurant a new must-do destionation where 3200 handmade wooden tiles (made by Paul Posse) decorate the wall of the bar-restaurant and where back in the days girls used to dance with the local harbor workers, you now can enjoy a lovely dinner with your special ones.
With his quirky character Paul Posse gave this place a new must-do destination.
Magic people. Magic place. Magic dishes

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