Ode to the Tomato

eaux posse food, ode to the tomato, rotterdam fine dinging restaurant srping 2023

Spring is coming so what is a better way for EAUX POSSE to celebrate this then bringing an ode to the tomato.
Chef Jurren brings us a refined yet bold dish inspired to get rid off the winter vibes.
A variation of tomatoes with a dash of bloody mary and the sweetness of the basil oil.
It brings you right in the mood for spring in Rotterdam. An other way to bring an ode to the tomato is to enjoy it in good company of a nice glass of Vimbio ACL Albariño a wine made in the tradition of natural wines, the Vin Natures, or one of our other wines on the wine menu.

tomato eaux posse ode to the tomato, spring in rotterdam

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